Monday, February 09, 2004


I was reading Geoffrey Blainey's "Black Kettle and Full Moon " Daily Life in a Vanished Autralia" and thinking about that shift from privilege into luxury with our commodities over the first century - a running theme.
Like running water.
By 1880 most inhabitants could in their own house, turn on a tap which released fresh water that had flowed by pipe from a nearby reservoir...
Even when cities ganined a reliable supply of water most of the household taps were turned on sparingly..."

In this house I'm still a bit water stupid. On a hot day litres can run down the sink before it gets cold, (sorry that should be: literally-run-down the drain) unless I catch it for the garden. Water soft. Water shamed.

Following the Ceres Water trail found on Museum Victoria's How Water smart are you

I was still thinking water shamed when I read Cast Iron Balcony's great post on logging and water catchment and the eco-warrior heroes in the frontline. (via She Sells Sanctuary)

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