Monday, February 02, 2004

psychic terriers

Interesting to read the old shaggy dog telapathic terrier tale among some skeptical parrot links at apothecary's drawer. There are times when the smallest dog here seems telepathic, her fast brain ticking almost closes the gap in the illusion. But it can be a neurotic brain that anticipates routine, and then anticipates the anticipation. Of this trio, the smallest dog certainly does appear to have the biggest brain. But then she can do something dumb like swim round and round in a muddy pond for twenty minutes, apparently chasing ducks who seem totally unfazed by the small head swimming 3 feet behind them. Maybe some goggles would have helped - she might look more intelligent or fierce in glasses. (via Idle Type)
Also dog related : a fairly easy quiz locating dogs around the world on this interesting site (via reading and writing)

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