Thursday, March 20, 2008

power dressing electric headlight to help her to find an honest man...

YouTube at cynical C: a 1930's futuristic look at fashions for 2000

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I like Unmitigated England A Country Lost and a Country Found
via I like.

(Not many blogs make me read through all the archives)


Did an Open for Inspection on Saturday, inspecting memories, a place I used to live in 20 years ago.
Naturally the house has been given (to quote Meredith) the Gut-n-Smeg.
All Victorian character gone, now generic townhouse in innercityville with decking and succulents and OSP.
Now worth a cool mil in this overheated market.

I used to love the view from the upstairs window looking east- sky, terraces, treelines. It was a good writing place.
Now you can't see out.
Smoked glass means you can't see through the privacy.

Gone for good: the bad wiring, the 'Victerranean' aqua paint, the outside toilet.
(And the Rottie next door who'd leap against the fence barking whenever anyone went)
And gone for good is heritage, a sense of connection.

Friday, March 14, 2008

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wiki just feels good to find something there—even, or especially, when the article you find is maybe a little clumsily written. Any inelegance, or typo, or relic of vandalism reminds you that this gigantic encyclopedia isn't a commercial product. There are no banners for E*Trade or, no side sprinklings of AdSense.
The Charms of Wikipedia via things

- this was via mefi who saw parallels with mefi, as I did with blogging
...It worked and grew because it tapped into the heretofore unmarshaled energies of the uncredentialed...
...the point of convergence for the self-taught and the expensively educated. The cranks had to consort with the mainstreamers and hash it all out—and nobody knew who really knew what he or she was talking about, because everyone's identity was hidden behind a jokey username.


Images from the Moomba Parades from 1962 - 1965

(prompted by Tim's Sars post)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

knees up

One's google referrers can be useful, or alerting and alarming. Yesterday as I was checking the hits for my two staples - pachabel's canon for bagpipes and doorbell rings by itself - I noticed a search for Let's Knock Knees

I blogged about this gloriously goofy number a few years ago, in pre-YouTube yore. I was even inspired to write some lines about it.

Prompted by that referrer, I checked to see if it had made the yt cut - et voila:


I don't think I'd write about that sequence in quite the same vein again, (a simple wtf might suffice) although I still like these lines ok:
and then the chorus of odd choreography
all patellar reflex and kneeing in groin
flirtation of bathing suits and cravat dudes
dancing dud sex

and I do like the cricket pads/who knows what it all means ...