Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Harris writes with a wit that's sly, not show-offy. He can encapsulate the woes of shooting "Doctor Dolittle" in four words: "The rhinoceros got pneumonia."

Charles Matthews, Washington Post
Amazon review of Pictures at a Revolution
recommended by Self Styled Siren

Thursday, June 19, 2008

book care

Last Fri I met Zeppo B to take in the manuscripts on display at the SLV.
Along with many many Melburnians. So many that the queue stretched out the door and onto the steps, with that strange weather thing happening that we Melburnians have almost forgotten - the unfolding of the umbrellas.
Inside, there were so many people in the room we were advised by the sentry to forget the linear journey and navigate via available space over the glass encasements. (This is often my preferred pathway as it turns out)
And it was beautiful.

And this is not especially related, but it did occur to me as we talked about the remarkable feat of history and preservation. I mentioned that recently I had seen a technique demonstrated very soberly on an instructional film from the fifties, Books and their care (see 03:24)
The ms in question is The World of Pooh

(And for ZB and others sans broadband, the technique is explained lo fi here - Opening a new book - along with the Improper use of a paperclip.)

mov 2 live

Elsewhere, my musical taste has been questioned.
I took this to heart and sought out one of my top ten fave live hits of the 1790's for consolation.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


6. ORANGEMEN: Forget the Big Three. The most eye-catching grouping on Friday at the U.S. Open was Miguel Angel Jimenez, Shingo Katayama and Boo Weekley.

Strictly by coincidence, each player stepped to the first tee with an almost identical bright, burnt orange polo shirt.

Commenting on the colorful triumvirate, ESPN anchor Mike Tirico, a Syracuse Orangeman himself, came up with this gem: “Are they rooting for the Dutch?”

Golf week
I think I caught a glimpse of this phenomenon on TV over the weekend, but there is no trace of it anywhere online. (Well, if you search through getty images for CA: U.S. Open - Round Two * you can see the ensemble but not the ensemble.)

See also: Bad jumpers, dodgy strides
The Very Worst in Golf Fashion
A look at golf fashions through the years

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This was one of the photos I found through searching for Muriels + wedding at Picture Australia. The hitching appears to be an accidental pun...

Anyway, after this, an email from Ann O'Dyne * inspired me to go browsing for more:

Trehare (Treharne, Trahar, Trahare ?)
methodist H & C

blog wars

There's a comment over at Troppo on old blogwars*, siding with the
people who neither know nor care about the history of this matter

One thing that's been interesting to observe in the recent great big blogwar shakeout of the cyberbullies of old* is how quickly people forget. Even with with google. Or maybe your google-fu is only as good as your inclination to remember.
It used to seem that the blog in question was one of the major blogging players, here to stay. I witnessed the rise and rise of it, and was always baffled and dismayed that its essential nastiness, that for me negated any cleverness, drew such a big crowd. I always suspected that Snark would run its course - in the end it's a reductive slide to a place where everything is meh. But I didn't predict this ending. Also, I could not have predicted the extent to which people forget, blogs disappear, communities move on.
So we're all ephemeral, and blogs feed off the present despite the permalink that presumes a record of the past.
And I suspect that a history of oz-blogging (if it ever gets written) will be a fairly standard chronicle of clusters and stats that will forget the gossip and the various spats and brain-snaps of maverick voices.
Does anyone care? Yep - I think it's all fascinating, and as always history is enlightening.
And maybe it is more fascinating because of the sense of historical proof that permalinks provide, it strengthens the inklings of memory into a gotcha.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

something good

About 20 years ago a friend observed:
We've given up on op-shops now. Dimmeys is cheaper.
Well if you're talking best of popular music CDs, he was right.
Herman's Hermits Greatest Hits for a dollar was pretty good.

and this is good too

Monday, June 09, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008


well, we love the Aga Saga woman.

(along with with Pru and Trude, we're surrounded by 'em)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

the searchers

Your Search is Over
Fed by birds responds beautifully to the googlers.

(see also the Tugboat files)

meanwhile this might be the best answer to my most requested...

Monday, June 02, 2008

football stories

Via Brownie, in a comment at AGB

"The Goal Umpire’s Assistant (Leitchville)

Football Stories from Country Victoria
21 Films by Malcolm McKinnon