Monday, April 28, 2008

misc links

Bakelite doll's house furniture
bakelite museum I like

also via I like, and The Lark,
Ladybird prints
contains over 4000 images from the Ladybird Books, now available to browse and buy

and I googled my way back to The Lark after searching for Topsy and Tim.
I grew up with Monday and found Tuesday recently on a Friday.

After seeing the map cape, another cloak via fed by birds
The hood could be used to carry shopping or other possession, or even a young baby, as in the 1814 print shown below.

Kombi sidecar at the Presurfer


I've been in the reading, not posting lurking mode, which means an accumulation of things seen, and a couple of musings on the nature of blogging (by two of the finest) were noted:

...the ausblogosphere is simply not one sphere at all. It’s built like a minimally overlapping bundle of 3-d venn diagrams. We all form our own clusters and tend to think of the one we live in as the ‘real’ blogosphere. When all the time there are dozens of other gangs rubbing along out there just as self-sufficiently. It’s not just generic clusters either. There are christian knitters and lefty knitters, diy aestheticians who are more interested in the concept of knitting than in extreme technical proficiency; conservative and progressive lit bloggers; and there are people who just blog about whatever but run together because of temperamental affinities
Laura at Troppo

...fortunately one of the beauties of blogging is in the delicate balance that one can maintain between self-presentation and the cerebral.

But whatever the nature of that balance, a sense of common cause and fellow feeling is what motivates the interaction between bloggers. There will be, at the least, a seepage of data from even the most tight-lipped of writers and with those a little more ready to transmit the odd signal or two, much will go inferred by a reader on the same general wavelength
(something of an aside in a post concerning the most fundamental verities that drive my life forward, but I love that phrase: "a seepage of data")


Wish there was a Melways version of this analogue gps map cape.
I could wear that.

Monday, April 14, 2008


When are they going to release Great Bicycling Songs on abc records?

A family favourite for riding our Malvern Stars around the garden was I love to Whistle as seen (on black and white tv saturdays) in Mad About Music


and only now have caught up with The Cousins

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

beach dogs

A blue heeler does not love the ocean

- well this blue heeler, anyway.
When I used to take my labrador to the beach, his joy was visible.
His joy was audible.
But Flo can take it or leave it.
She may look like she's enjoying the water, but she's merely doing a low-key scan of the horizon as always, on the lookout for something to herd.
She was more interested in the foreshore, walking on a leash.
She had a bit of a paddle, because it was there.
But she didn't leap, dig, swim, wag or cut loose.
A labrador belongs here.
A blue heeler turns her back on it.

holiday snap