Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Yesterday I bought a big bag of bananas for five dollars from the discount shelf at Safeway.
That's cheaper than before Larry.

I've Got the Yes We Have no Bananas Blues no more.

To quote recent comment by anonymous fox: i AM NOT TO EXCITED ABOUT ALL THIS BUT NEED TO DEAL WITH IT ANYWAYS

Sunday, September 24, 2006


(well I won $10 on a bet with a footyhead that Syd would get into the Grand Final, a bet made many rounds ago when people were writing off the Swans. Sweet.)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I bought this book today.
"For the cover"
(as I said to the man behind the counter.
'Goodonya' he replied.)

I thought it would make a good companion to Len Deighton.


Friday, September 15, 2006

look and learn

Australia, with picture of girl surfing and prospectors. Original artwork for cover of Look and Learn issue no 410 (22 November 1969). Lent for scanning by The Gallery of Illustration

Look And Learn online
Thousands of searchable images! So that's my Friday gone. Thanks

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Doorbell Instructions via As Above

Funny - my fave is not the photographer's fave.
As it goes, this picture is one of my least favourites because, in an odd way, the instructions are necessary. The completely unnecessary signs are my favourites.
But funny - the link to The Doorbell Instructions Pool led to this one, which is from a neighbourhood I knew well apparently. But didn't
(ring any bells.)

aunt I

OMG, my nephew turns 30 today.

Old Aunt I.

OTOH, my nephew turns 8 tomorrow.

palm oil

Palm Oil is the greatest threat to Orangutans. Vast areas of rain forest are cleared for Palm Oil plantations every day. Protecting the forests is critical to the Orangutan's survival.

This issue affects all Australians with almost 1 million tonnes of Palm Oil imported into Australia each year.
Grasp Palm Oil Crisis

How can we make a difference?
The simplest thing is for us to demand that any of our favourite products which currently contain palm oil, only contain palm oil from non destructive sources...
If companies fail to prove that their palm oil is from non destructive sources, they must be considered to be contributing to the extinction of the orangutan
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Palm Oil Report PDF. 2.1 MB

If you missed Foreign Correspondent on Orangutans, it's repeated: 1 PM Saturday

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


fans worldwide mourned exuburant wildlife master

I didn't see word news on Monday but suspect it may have been a one-word screen day. I did see Denton
ANDREW DENTON: A lot of people see you as this larger than life Steve Irwin... In some ways a one-dimensional, almost cartoon character. What they perhaps don't know is you've bought huge tracts of land in Vanuatu and Australia and Fiji and US. Why have you done that?

STEVE IRWIN: I'm a conservationist through and through, Andrew, that's why I was put on this planet. Easily the greatest threat to the wildlife globally is the destruction and annihilation of habitat. So, I've gone, "Right, how do I fix that?" Making a quid here, people are keen to give me money over there. I'll buy it. I'll buy habitat ... So, whenever we get enough cash and enough - and a chunk of land that we are passionate about - bang, we buy it.

I'm a bit of a - I'm a wildlife warrior through and through ...

Monday, September 04, 2006


I've made the switch to beta. The lure of categories was too much, even though I've misplaced the most friendly feature recent comments. Tweaking days ahead.