Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Yesterday I bought a big bag of bananas for five dollars from the discount shelf at Safeway.
That's cheaper than before Larry.

I've Got the Yes We Have no Bananas Blues no more.

To quote recent comment by anonymous fox: i AM NOT TO EXCITED ABOUT ALL THIS BUT NEED TO DEAL WITH IT ANYWAYS


Dick said...

What a treasure trove! I wonder who the vocalist is.

pk said...

There was a great skit recently where they were trying to use bananas as currency (bridge toll etc).

I am happy to be a banana republic! Larry can eat bread.

boynton said...

Dick: apparently the vocalist is Belle Baker. More songs here

Alas- no time to listen to all those this week. Hope to next week.

pk: well I just made Nigella's Banana Bread in celebration.