Thursday, September 21, 2006


I bought this book today.
"For the cover"
(as I said to the man behind the counter.
'Goodonya' he replied.)

I thought it would make a good companion to Len Deighton.



millipede said...

Two questions.

Where can I buy it?

When can you come over for dinner?

Lunar Brogue said...

What does Shane Warne cook? Oh god, I've just remembered: baked beans ...

I've always found good action food to be an egg and lettuce sandwich, a packet of sultanas and a couple of butternut snap bikkies. To accompany this: a flask of strong green cordial.

(Clearly my days of real action are over.)

Tony.T said...

Jeez, Sandra Sully's retained her looks. Does she keep a portrait in the attic? That IS her being seduced by Don Juan de Tapas, isn't it?

FXH said...

I can say that a bunch of green olives stuffed with anchovies (hold the almonds)plus a few very dry martinis and I'm seduced. And we haven't got past the front cover. Great book. Judging by it's cover.

boynton said...

1)At all good old stockists.

2)Might be tempted by a champagne cocktail, champagne or Dry Martini, but then again, you may have terrace and they are dnagerous for women apparently.
"Women are susceptible to terraces at almost any time of the day"

LB - I like the sound of that - especially the cordial, which is my drink of choice at the moment, though I prefer lemon to lime.

I don't think she is.
Being seduced, that is.
I think the sultry sullyesque seducee might be reaching for her handbag/a quick exit?

FX - it is a good book actually - by the esteemed food critic and writer so I'd better read the recipes.
You forgot the curried crabmeat quiche, if that's the correct spelling.

Gummo said...

Have to disagree on the crabmeat quiche - it's not the curry that's the problem; just that any recipe with crab in it is slightly compromised for seduction purposes. It might invite the question "Speaking of crabs ..."

boynton said...

The quiche is just as good for a late breakfast apparently,(p105)"if that's what you decide on" which might add some spice to the question.

Genevieve said...

It might, however, be prudent to consider crabs.
Butternut snaps got me my HSC.

boynton said...

Not Butternut Schnapps?