Friday, September 15, 2006

look and learn

Australia, with picture of girl surfing and prospectors. Original artwork for cover of Look and Learn issue no 410 (22 November 1969). Lent for scanning by The Gallery of Illustration

Look And Learn online
Thousands of searchable images! So that's my Friday gone. Thanks


pk said...

Wow, thanks for this. It was a case of 3rd time lucky. I saw it on Monkeyfilter and shrugged, then on Ramage and still didn't click to a decent part of the site. But now I actually see what they have. Fabulous, although the copyright warnings about downloading were enough for me to write to them to get permission to jag a bunch for a post. We shall see.
Thanks MissyB!

boynton said...

Friday came and went and I didn't get a chance to do some serious searching - but it's great isn't it.

Gummo said...

I liked stone age man running away from fire with primitive animals - including what looks like his pet bunny:

There's one of those "write a story about this picture" exercises in that one.

boynton said...

The missing link

Glad to see his wardobe did not malfunction in such a dramatic moment, though it does seem as if he's about to put his foot in it.

Gummo Trotsky said...


Thanks for posting that link Ms B.

Here's a few images for today's special blogosphere event, by way of an apology for putting you to that work.

Nabakov said...

Stuff all that boring crap about James Watt inventing steam and Boudicca building the Tay Bridge, I want my Trigan Empire and my Eagles Over The Western Front.

I have strongly registered my interests in this respect at the site.

boynton said...

- or talk like a Parrot day? ;)

Great link, Nabakov.
Ramage has more Trigan.

Nabakov said...

Damn, that site is a real time sink. I'm now rereading stuff I haven't read since I was ten.

But what's really worrying, I'm now rereading Playhour too. When are they gonna put up the pages that serialised "The Wind In The Willows"? The artwork was excellent as I recall.

Although I don't recall Playhour being so saucy, what with "The Gay Gordons", "Beaver", "Fliptail" and "The Tit Family". Though good to see the Little Mermaid is still the hot piece of sushi I remembered.

Nabakov said...

Oh yes, now checking out the Ramage Trigan stuff.

Oh Trigo, the artwork is just as gorgeous as ever. Can't read the bloody words though.

I remember this story in particular really getting to me as an excitable pre-pubescent.;y=TE42

Third page down on the right was a direct lift from
MR James' "Oh Whistle, and I'll Come To You My Lad'" and the rest of the story was strongly imbuded as well by a certain kind of English suburban gothic that also manifested itself in Quatermass and John Wyndham (and "These Are The Damned".)

You don't get that kinda shit now in kids shit like Spy Kids.

Old Fogey,
St Kilda.

boynton said...

But where are the stories about Ballet coups and Flower shows and treacherous Prefects? I only read old British schoolgirl gothic , though I think I would have liked the Trigo stuff.
(would like to see These are The Damed again someday too)

Could see a kind of wes-anderson-esque treatment of that graphic/comic territory too.

Anonymous said...

Aaagh.. the past, the past....

this is my childhood they have bought and sold and turned into kitsch.

- barista