Tuesday, March 31, 2009

live better

deep hood covers all curlers

15 Vintage Household Ads

via The Presurfer


One of the items at the exhibition* was a postcard of this hotel in Phillip Island

I used to think this hotel was the last word in glamour when I was six.

This was a glamourous place too...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Caught up with the SLV exhibition Victorians on Vacation
at Mornington, which was a great place to see it, being on vacation (sic)*
There were two other people in the gallery in the two hours it took me to process all the data. Afterwards, we studied the local dogs running freely in a fenced paddock outside the gallery. Everything becomes fauna en vacance.

* Shame they traded americanism for alliteration.
They coulda gone with eg. oz on oliday

Monday, March 16, 2009


Off to the beach for a week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



While browsing Bacchus Marsh pics (as you do) I chanced upon an image from childhood that has since disappeared - one of the Danger signs that used to grace intersections in Melbourne. There used to be one along the late 60s valiant trek from the foothills to Preston, though who knows where it was exactly in those 20 scary miles of melways.

But I'm not old enough to remember the clocks

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Residents from the CBD to Dromana felt the tremor, with one Elwood local falling off the couch.
Herald Sun (since updated, but posted here)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

spy style

Spy Vibe 1960s SPY STYLE

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Update via Spy Vibe
Our Man in Melbourne Permission To Kill

view point

I was looking for a teetotal-esque photo to mark the end of Feburary.
(For February was a dry month chez nous. All peach tea cordial in champagne coupe glasses and not missing the alcofizz at all)

And I found my way to the wonderful Alice Manfield Collection at the SLV. Among many gems:

Donkey looking in a window

the Monolith Rock

holding a bird

teapot between them

wearing checkered skirt

a bird perched on her right wrist

Unidentified girl standing at the top of a rock

and for Juke:
View point