Tuesday, March 03, 2009

view point

I was looking for a teetotal-esque photo to mark the end of Feburary.
(For February was a dry month chez nous. All peach tea cordial in champagne coupe glasses and not missing the alcofizz at all)

And I found my way to the wonderful Alice Manfield Collection at the SLV. Among many gems:

Donkey looking in a window

the Monolith Rock

holding a bird

teapot between them

wearing checkered skirt

a bird perched on her right wrist

Unidentified girl standing at the top of a rock

and for Juke:
View point


genevieve said...

COR, Alice.
Going to look at more of her shots later, thanks for that.
The View Point and Monolith are amazing. And the girl in the checked skirt has fab shoes.

Ann oDyne said...

Not drinking is my new trick.
Just lately, the exposure to nasty drunks has made me see the light.

The Womens Temperance Society used to have rooms in Russell St Melbourne

(right next door to the Alky Lucas School Of Elephants where I went every Saturday to get 3 Guineas worth of Ladette scraped off me)

and they sold wonderful posters with anti-drink slogans, I wish I had them all still.

Is anyone else hooked on mango flavored ice-tea? I have consumed so much of it I cant even recall if it's Liptons or Nescafe.

Off to the photos now, thanks Miss Boynton.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

back in the paleolithic era of Melbourne teen culture, writing in a request for English Trad Jazz group The Temperance Seven to be played on the Jazz Hour, Wednesday nights, and getting it played, was a bigger thrill than rushing into the backyard to watch Yuri Gagarin go across the sky in his space capsule.
He didn't drink either.

boynton said...

Monolith is amazing.
I must get to Vics on Vacation at Mornington - missed in Melb.

A'O'D: Am enjoying the cordial, even through these testing Victorian times.

Would have liked to have seen the posters. I think I wrote essays on the WCTU in my paleolithic late teens.

- Haven't tried the mango variety yet. Mango weiss bars were good during the non-air-con heatwave.
(And mangoes)

meanwhile over at Youtube, one of the 'Temperance Seven' clip providers notes:
I remember this being played a lot on TV and the Wireless around the time when Kruschev and Kennedy were arguing about nuclear armed rockets.
(hence the tags Temp_Seven/nuclear bomb)