Saturday, March 07, 2009


Residents from the CBD to Dromana felt the tremor, with one Elwood local falling off the couch.
Herald Sun (since updated, but posted here)


Ann oDyne said...

high school geography taught us in Year 10 that Port Phillip Bay was formed when 2 fault lines subsided into the earth's crust ...
I think they started cracking at Bacchus Marsh

We are all hurtling through outer space in the pitch dark clinging to a revolving mass of molten rock, with no guarantees whatsoever.

Juke said...

Aye, Ann, and hurtling through inner space too, besides.
No thing is truly solid. Didn't they show us all that yawning gap down there where the molecules bang and fix themselves against and to each other?
Shown as mirroring the inky black void. Little us in the starry deep.
Possibly a reference to smoke and mirrors would work here.
And time, what's that?
Memory stuck to hope. A breath.
The cartoon industry of my youth made sure I had an image of a prophet to see, scraggly-haired, long robe, white picket sign - The End Is Near!
Cue tag line.
The End is where it always was, existence was never anything but drawing nearer to it.
Choose to see it bleak and it is mighty bleak indeed. Or choose heartbreaking loveliness of being, limitless emotional possibility because it's small and temporary, only as big and as long as us.
A little contemplation will show the universe is redounding with light, not dark.
Each star you see got its light to you and not to you alone, but in that packed sphere of which your viewing stance is but one point in the great round cloud of its emanating.
And there's lots of stars, we know that!
Things are not what they seem, but they never were, dark as the immediate may have been made to appear.
It's all much bigger, brighter, but still for us so achingly temporary. Which is what makes it beautiful.
Ozymandias and his architects are taken aback, viewing things from the taffrail, but they were maybe a little over-invested in the local nature of their own projects.

Tony said...

The residents need to form an angry mob of two.

(In joke, folks.)

boynton said...

Bacchus Marsh is not the place to be in a non-Bacchanalian March.

The end is where it always was
your viewing stance is but one point
so achingly temporary

The residents and residon'ts.

Nabakov said...

Apparently Korumburra in Gippland was the epicentre of the quakes.

I think we can all put two and two together here.

"The small town of Korumburra has a worm festival called Karmai every year. The citizens celebrate with parades and games and of course who can forget the earthworm Queen. "

Francis Xavier Holden said...

Residents from the CBD to Dromana felt the tremor, with one Elwood local falling off the couch.

I'm sure that's the spoken intro to a Springsteen song....

boynton said...

who can forget

It calls for an earthquake cocktail
"vodka and grenadine nips, blue curacao and lemonade - now selling for $7 a pop at the town's Middle Hotel."*

Or did John Williamson sing it?

Lunar Brogue said...

I heard a man talking on the radio about how, when the tremor struck, a woman ran out of the butcher's store he was in screaming "run for your life!"

(It might not have been a butcher's store, actually. Truth is, I don't recall what kind of store she ran out of. Please forgive the embellishment.)

boynton said...


embellishment sounds like a shaken establishment