Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of the items at the exhibition* was a postcard of this hotel in Phillip Island

I used to think this hotel was the last word in glamour when I was six.

This was a glamourous place too...


Ann oDyne said...

If the Sunseeker has survived then I'm sure it would be the most hip place on the island even today
(ref the infamous Tropicana Motel in Los Angeles)
I am not confident that the fabulous Googly School of Architecture curved roofline on that SAFEWAY remains today though.

Easy to laugh at opinions of our child's unformed mind, but dear Boynton, what is your current idea of total architectural sophistication?
Not so easy!

boynton said...

Some scenes from On The Beach were filmed there, so perhaps there was a Hollywood aura.

I agree about its enduring hipness, but when we drove past in Dec. it seemed to have been... renovated.

I'm not confident about that Safeway either, in fact when we drove past on Sat, I think it had been reinvented.
Apparently Croydon was the first of the "American" styled/curved roof designs in Aus. Shame it wasn't heritage listed.

And I hope I didn't give the impression of sneering at my past unsophistication. On the contrary, I still love these two examples of local architecture.

Ann oDyne said...

not sneering at all, meant in friendly way.

when I was 9, I thought the red jelly squares on the Daintee Cafe plates in Coles Bourke St Food-O-Mat were the height of fine dining. A total tragedy that cafe was not preserved. There were art nouveau tiles!

boynton said...

Coles Caf; Fancy Goods and Fine Dining.

Yes - a great tragedy.
(I was working on a show about that space when its sorry fate was being decided...)

a thousand shades of twilight said...

Oh my goodness - the moment I saw that Safeway, I just KNEW it was the one in Croydon, having lived there as a child. Thanks for sharing that! It gave me a real thrill to see it again.

boynton said...

I grew up in K'syth and C, and I felt the rush too when I first saw this beautiful photo/vista.

That had been my original intent of this post - to describe the thrill of suddenly seeing images online of places from the past - a public database of personal slideshow.
I was going to write some commentary, but for various reasons, deleted, halted - and left the images hanging ...

(but one of the uses of blog might be to compile such a scrapbook.)