Sunday, June 20, 2010


nothing lasts forever
said x
except that phrase

Well actually we were talking about blogging, you know, the blogging r.i.p. riff... [rant defending blogging since deleted] ...but today it may as well signify change of template


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the k

New dog turns one today.

Relieved that he got to this milestone; his small size makes him seem vulnerable to the everyday fence-gaps and donkey-hooves of life.
(on holiday in the country, he was straight under the fence and in with the donkeys, who had 'form' apparently with straying small animals, and whose mad braying sent him scurrying back pronto, untrodden)

He is a dog that stares. I often catch him looking like this:

Not so much a philosophical air, but rather one of caution. As if he is still getting his bearings, four months on.

We all are.

click for larger view

but four months on, I think we are cautiously very happy with each other.