Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the k

New dog turns one today.

Relieved that he got to this milestone; his small size makes him seem vulnerable to the everyday fence-gaps and donkey-hooves of life.
(on holiday in the country, he was straight under the fence and in with the donkeys, who had 'form' apparently with straying small animals, and whose mad braying sent him scurrying back pronto, untrodden)

He is a dog that stares. I often catch him looking like this:

Not so much a philosophical air, but rather one of caution. As if he is still getting his bearings, four months on.

We all are.

click for larger view

but four months on, I think we are cautiously very happy with each other.



Ann ODyne said...

oh gorgeous photos.

At The Donkey Refuge, one is able to sponsor a donkey, and my friend sponsors Florence there.

any vet will tell you the breed they see most of ... is the ever-curious, bold JRT.

That 'look' is not 'cautious regard' at all. It is The Hypnotic Stare.

"you will let me in where it's warm ... you will let me in where it's warm"

boynton said...

thanks Ann O'D

The donkeys were indeed very impressive creatures, that fortunately didn't leave their impression upon the bold JRT.
(Whom I think is actually a mini foxie/JRT cross. The size of the former)

I have seen dogs do the Hypnotic stare. However, this stare goes with other behaviour that suggests an acquired wariness, which I hope is hope is wearing off.
(Plus, he has free range of house and hearth, so no imploring is necessary ;)

ThirdCat said...

you almost make me want to get a dog again, even if I really was a hopeless Dog Person

boynton said...

a dog like this might be good for a reluctant (as opposed to hopeless ;) Dog-Person, as he sometimes seems very cat-like. Well, he's smaller than some cats, and likes to curl up in laps while one is at the lap-top.
He is fine boned and delicate, and will never be a chunky JRT unless he's seriously obese.
But he does have the requisite canine galumph and willingness to please.

Link said...

He looks quite tall in the first photo. Glorious fun airborne in the last. Happy dog day. Nothing is as cheering as seeing a happy dog. I wouldn't be too concerned about the Brown's study.

boynton said...

Yes he looks taller in his photos, (which explains how a toy sized dog is now happily in residence ;)
and yes indeedy, their joy (airborne or grounded) is infectious.

genevieve said...

A very happy birthday to the little fellow. He looks very contented.

boynton said...

Tks, Genevieve.

WV: parpti - which is party with a pee in it I guess.

R.H. said...

I already had two dogs when my daughter came home with a Jack Russell. The defactos who owned him were splitting up and neither wanted to take him, that was the story she handed me anyway. He's very lively and probably turned out too much them, that's what I think. I've had him about three years now.

boynton said...

I'm a convert, and they team nicely with medium and/or large dogs too.

R.H. said...

My other dogs are small (one of them smaller than him). He's very sociable, maybe that's common with Jack Russells. And he's always grabbing things, like a sock for instance, and won't give it back until I offer him something to eat. The other day in the kitchen I put my tobacco in my pocket and went to the front room. I was sitting there, and just as I realised it wasn't in my pocket and must have dropped to the floor he strolled in with it in his mouth.

boynton said...

yes they are very sociable, in my experience.
and curbee is fond of socks too.

Helen said...

It's good how you can acquire an animal which you wouldn't have considered and then come to appreciate them. I never would have chosen a pugalier, but there you go. Once you commit to them you love them whatever

Helen said...

Chris Clarke @canislatrans was complaining that b/c of the Zeke story, people were constantly sending him Tragic Dog Stories via email in the apparent belief that he is all about the Tragic Dog Stories. So since then I have been sending him links to happy dog posts with silly captions. The one for this via Twitter was "Tragic Dog story - JRT affected by antigravity"

boynton said...

Yep, and a heeler and mini JRT X are testament to this. Pointy ears, which once seemed too 'alert', now seem almost normal, in his case they balance his frame quite noicely.

Thanks for the linkage, and a great project there. 'Antigravity' is an apt caption for the sentiment ;)