Sunday, June 20, 2010


nothing lasts forever
said x
except that phrase

Well actually we were talking about blogging, you know, the blogging r.i.p. riff... [rant defending blogging since deleted] ...but today it may as well signify change of template



boynton said...

template = a work in progress...

genevieve said...

ahhhh (best Sandy from Daria voice)
And (normal voice now) looking very nice too.
there's a bit more to play with now in there. I like to think it's because I joined my voice to others playing with Blogger and asked for the template designer back - but I am probably deluded about my own importance. (Was assisting a newbie at the time.)

boynton said...

I'll go with your theory, G.
So I have you to thank for this EMBARRASSMENT of riches... ;)
a week of tweaking ahead, I'd say, but at least I took the plunge and discarded the old (bad) temp and moved text back to teh left as in 02.

btw - still can't comment on some typepad blogs (yours, Dick Jones ...) so could not farewell your wonderful blog.
Was prob one of the farewells that prompted the said conversation about 'is blogging dead'? (I sed No)
I suspect this new toy might tempt a lot of blogspotters back out of the woodwork (and there is a great background image that might go with woodwork fwiw)

Ann ODyne said...

oh how lovely this redecoration is. suits your style.

Nothing certainly does last forever - I have some that's been around for decades.

R.H. said...

Miss Boynton, what a mystery you are.

genevieve said...

I certainly hope it's not dead. I desperately need blogs to read and comment on.
Just imagine if the google fairies treely ruly had listened to me though - what larks, Pip.
I will be looking forward to your woodcrafts.

boynton said...

Thanks A'Od, but may sample a few more radical designs later - the Template Designer is rather addictive.
I got plenty o' (old) nothing, too.

G: In my rant since deleted I ranted that actually twitter and fb have cleared the decks and the survivors are strong and the indie blogs are cool, and Ann O'D is one who regularly uncovers new blogs of note. A shifting landscape, new heirarchies (or no heirarchies), old regulars, historic sites and historic re-enactors, and you'll always find me in the kitchen at parties.

boynton said...

update: just sampling some more temp(orary)lates.

Template Designer continues to be rather addictive...

BwcaBrownie said...

re Template Designer:
1. July 15th just marking that Boynton is currently pale blue with Jetsons stars.
2. because I have not redesigned
Bwca, Brownie & Boggart (not chartered accountants)
I am wondering if that is the reason it is now impossible to Upload Image there in the same old way.
Uploading via Puke-asa pictures, includes their logo, which is not of interest to me, and it must tediously be deleted.
I am feeling a bit Ray's Tent City

(ie: now is the winter of our discount tents)

boynton said...

Yes, Jetsonesque this week. I searched web for a retro-feel background, however having added the CSS, you lose the ability to tweak in preview mode (marvellous time wasting, that) There was a better variation on this pattern which I might go and rejig...

My uploading images has gone odd, but I thought it was the general problem on this PC
ie. I don't see the instructions/dialog box after uploading (the 'Done' button,as I recall) but it works ok if you bypass this and Save or Publish...

BwcaBrownie said...

3-letter word meaning 'procrastination' ? = WWW

If you need time to pass quickly, get thee online where 5 minutes = whoops! that was hours ago!

thanks for tip re straight-to-Save. I recall that back in Feb 2005 you explained to me how to link in a post.
... and WV pays out again with 'hobble' as I hobble off