Thursday, July 15, 2010


more on declining blogosphere:
The evolving blogosphere An empire gives way via As Above

and here I was actually feeling quite heartened seeing my latest search request:
elderly dacshunds* coughing and retching...

(nb I wonder which nation fits the bill?)

and also scoring this:



BwcaBrownie said...

The 'vast swathes of digital desert' your link refers to, is possibly preferable to a digital jungle of juvenilia - the MySpace types etc.

The author claims Blogger is in decline - and I am declining them because they absolutely will not let me upload a photo via anything but Pic*sa - WTF is that all about?

re W V amusement: eventually, the sort of people who created the vast swathes of digital desert, will start naming their children with WV-type conjunctions. You mark my words, there'll be tears before closing at the BMD office.

But you really must stop searching for retching elderly sausage dogs.
when totally idle, I like to put 'tiara' into the images and let her rip. gorgeous things arrive, with stories attached like comet's trails.
mwah mwah

boynton said...

This was a nice comment:
Most of what happens on Facebook is thoughtless and shallow. There may be a twitterer who excels in koans or haiku, but you are likely to know of such a person through blogs, not by wading through twitter

and my current WV 'mercar' sounds like an 'auto' variant on the girl's name 'mercedes'?

Also, it wasn't me, I hastily add, who was searching for said sausage dogs, but my vast anonymous readership (googlers))
which makes me believe for a nano-sec that b'esque might be an authority on these things, who knows.

Armagny said...

Ever evolving. I've felt the decline of the 'old style' blog for a while, particularly where I've lingered on a composite blog that runs between personal and political.

There may be a point about the specialists, and I think if I ever start something new it would be in a very specialised field.

boynton said...

I recall that the specialist/niche advice was around in the golden age, (whenever that was, maybe at some moment over dinner in Melbourne, as reported by FX?)
I never heeded it.
But it is sound advice. (see food blogs)

I'm enjoying reading blogs again, for the solace they offer in the face of in yr facebook and the smartarsery of twitter.

(Though I know that those two things offer different functions to blogging- they're about networking and, as I read once, reversing the heirarchy of

(though I'm pretty happy at the moment just to stroll around a gallery and look at content, without any compulsion to comment, or quip in the cafe)

Tony said...

Those dogs take taxpayer funded junkets to Vegas to play poker and pool.

boynton said...


(WV: ching)

genevieve said...

The effort involved in more wordy blogging is morphing (I like to think I'm emulating your style, B), however there are more voices out there too.

Absolutely heaps of writing and reading blogs in Oz now - I found a small catalogue of booklovers just the other week, hadn't heard of any of them previously. And I guess we all have to share the googling love when that happens.

I have noticed on my stats on the old blog since closing that the time of each visit is shorter already since I stopped posting, though.
The newer blog is easier to use, and it is easier to control how much I read and post with it (which I regret to admit was becoming something of an iss-ew). However it only has backup for Macs!! imagine such a universe (the ATO doesn't.)

genevieve said...

how on earth did they get all those pooches to stay put, I wonder? why did I miss this in the MSM, was it not noted?
going to blog it...!!

boynton said...

I emulated the old link bloggers' style myself - although the variation was called link and a tag in the old days.

I remember thinking then that a long link-free post (ie. 'my holidays') was an easier prospect than a 4-links-about-vintage-bicycles post.

Tumblr easier than TP? Interesting, and makes sense then that some bloggers have made the switch. I wondered why a new platofrm was required - I've always used blogger as a kind of tumbler blog anyway.

I must confess that I only saw the daschund UN via the US - Life photos of the week, via the Adam West trail. I missed the event which was a few kms away. Alas.

TimT said...

I don't think there ever was a blog monopoly. Blogger is the best known but Typepad and Wordpress have been around for ages (in blog terms) as well. Facebook and Twitter are not distinct from the blogosophere either - they supplement it, in their own ways.

That Econ articles seems to have a restrictive and incorrect definition of blogs - as something run by, rather than individual websites started up by people that may not even have anything to do with blogger.

boynton said...

That Econ articles seems to have a restrictive and incorrect definition of blogs - as something run by

I re-read it, and can't see this anywhere myself. At one point it does mention upper-case blogger with wordpress as examples of popular blog-hosting sites.

Remember when rumours of Twitter first filtered through to the blogosphere? It was like a cult for early adopters; now it's the first port of call. Blogging is supplementing Twitter these days.

I suspect that the stats of most bloggers would show the impact of both FB and especially Twitter. And
my blogroll tells a familiar tale of dormant blogs, resting, I hope.

(And my comments are now the site of most recent activity here. July (1) Comments (6) ;)

TimT said...

Maybe I mischaracterised/exaggerated the tone of the article. But on what basis is it able to make a distinction between, say, twitter and blogs in the first place? What's blogging? Where people can post regular thoughts, on any topic they like, onto a website, and get feedback from readers. What's twittering? Where people can post brief, regular thoughts, on any topic they like, onto a website, and get feedback from other twitterers. The 'triumph' of twitter over blogging is an entirely media-driven meme which doesn't particularly reflect the reality. It just lets the media cut down a tall poppy it doesn't like very much.

boynton said...

Same features, different fish, to my mind.
So I disagree that it's 'an entirely media-driven meme'.
It certainly 'feels' like the energy has dissipated, along with the numbers, to a quiet, though quite amenable sort of place now.

FB is more 'efficient' (in the words of linked article) in its reach. And Twitter would be a far more efficient way to canvass opinion on #twitter_versus_blogging.
(and there must be a haiku or two about hash in there, TimT.)

TimT said...

Maybe it comes in surges. The popularity of twitter and facebook will decline as well, inevitably.

The hashtag haiku is a good idea and maybe I'll do something like that sometime. I have written one or two twitter poems. Too long to post on twitter, of course. They went on my blog...

TimT said...

It's a pity we haven't had any blog meets lately. They were fun.

boynton said...

Yep, just as the blogging urge surges - I just read some comments to this effect on a blog in seasonal decline/summery slump (before the next surge of enthusiasm I hope, one blogger saying she's just picked up where she left off 4 years ago.

Do you mean there hasn't been any blog meets to which we weren't invited? (We are joking, of course)
I think we are well overdue for a blog-meeting somewhere, hope we can have a wintery one soon.

BwcaBrownie said...

Now is the winter of our discontinued blogs? just a seasonal malaise.
Margaret and Helen is a real blog. not issued recently though - I suspect the FBI has them in custody.

While watching Le Tour I had the #tdf Twitter on my laptop and that was very rewarding - the global opinions were much better than the onscreen commentary.
I don't tweet but I follow others who are hilarious: @rustyrockets, Joan Rivers, Stephen Fry, that sorta thing. @aplusk of course.

Venue is the hard part for blogmeet. Laneway too cramped I always thought. ability to mingle is crucial.

sorry I got the etching dachsund wrong. Tim Train has just posted amusingly on retching cat - maybe they have found him by now.

BwcaBrownie said...

phew! back now from all the fun of elderlydachshundretching (clearly originally done by an owner in crisis) in searchbox. as well as your July 03 post I got:
why did the cowboy get a dachshund? Because people kept telling him to get a long little doggie.

TimT said...

That one at the Standard was nice. When Zoe came to Melbourne - last year I think? Outside of the predictable Friday-Saturday-night crush it's fairly quiet. And their beer garden is spacious. And it's accessible and inner city...

Juke said...

Proving that good things come three at a time at least, and that the blog thingummysphere is not gasping its last yet, here I am.
And if you only knew how remote now I am, as it were, when not here precisely, which is to say how far from the remote now I am there then mostly and now come here, just to say this...well you would be well chuffed, you would.
If not chooked, precisely.

boynton said...

Bwca - It's the winter of continuous threading - the comments box is the new slow-twitter movement.

I think you could run a blog or a twitter-stream or a tumblr or a posterous devoted to your wide reading in the blogosphere and the blog-gems that you unearth.
'Things' still highlights blogs of note - not many other places do anymore.

I don't mean to sneer at google-searches; I have been that cyberchondriac and that owner-in-crisis myself searching for 'toy dog swallowed cherry stones' etc. Have always liked the sense of eccentric authority such a search bestows on a blogspot though.

Yes, ability to mingle is crucial.
I like your standard beer garden in summer, but not so keen in winter.
Have seen a place in 3121 that might be good, will check it out...

Juke, I am chuffed. And I will post a new chook shortly.
as long as you are there I am here