Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

lunar logie

Special Gold Logie For Providing TV's Greatest Moment In Their Moon Telecast: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
12th Annual Logie Awards 1970

(See also GUESTS: ...Peggy Lipton, the US star of The Mod Squad, couldn’t make it at the last minute because of “a severe middle-ear infection”.)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

teev meme

I did this meme in January, after Genevieve, but have been a bit slow to post.

Earliest remembered teev:
Wasn’t the earliest, that was just a black and white mash of panel shows and andy pandy cowboys and americans.
But when I was about 4, I did a drawing of Batman and Robin at Kinder. I loved Batman and thought it was serious crime drama. I had the merchandise too - a jigsaw and an inflatable swimming toy.
I felt a bit of the same bat excitement to see this bat site last week (via PCL):

TV series I would want on a desert island
I would hope something complex, but I have a feeling with my luck it would be effin Midsomer Murders which seems to be everywhere at the moment.*
Something long running? Maybe the Simpsons – I’ve never seen an episode apart from the early incarnation on Tracy Ullman.

(*Update: Now it's February and Midsomer's been bumped)

TV that made me laugh
As a child Get Smart.
A few that have made me lol:
Python, Ripping Yarns, The Tracy Ullman show, Larry Sanders, Ab Fab, One Foot In The Grave, King Of The Hill, Big Train, Smack The Pony, Father Ted, The Office

Most recently: Curb Your Enthusiasm, seen in 21C mode- via DVD boatload. Love it and agree with Susie that The Doll episode
is one of the most perfectly crafted half-hours of comedy in television history
TV that made me cry
Most of my older sibs used to watch Bellbird. We all cried when Charlie Cousens fell off the silo, though I was probably running with the pack rather than understanding the significance of silos or iconic moments of oz TV
Anything with a dog. Even Inspector Rex can make me cry.

TV crap that I enjoy
I used to love Eastenders in the late 80’s. A show about everyday losers when TV was obsessed with glam winners. My dog got to know the theme music which (at the closing credits) signified walk, so he became co-addicted.
I used to keep watching As Time Goes By. I don't why.

TV you'll never forget
When I was very young our neighbourhood friends were starring on Showcase, a talent show. Just as they were about to perform a pas de deux, the TV died. The 8 of us sped around the corner to the house of an accommodating neighbour to watch it.
Pennies From Heaven was a revelation.

Favourite TEEV adaptation
Love in a Cold Climate (1980), The Camomile Lawn, In a Land of Plenty, The Shark Net and recently Bleak House

One TV program you are currently watching
Recently rented the DVD of My Brother Jack. One of my favourite books, and despite the creakiness of 1965, I think it stands up quite well. Ed Deveraux, despite not conforming physically to my imagined Jack, is fabulous. The very beginning is a great piece of footage, the pedestrian streets of interwar suburbs.
Also enjoying the repeat of Bedtime for its theatrical writing and staging (albeit conventional theatre)

(Update: My Bro Jack went a bit belly up towards the end, and was rather stagey. But it still seems closer to the authentiCity of Melb in the 30's than the recent mini-series which was too pretty to be gritty.)

One TV show/series you have been meaning to watch
I agree with Genevieve. Love My Way. Shame it’s not on FTA, but at least we plebs can hire the DVDs.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Shakespeare Sonnet Shake-Up
...mix and match the lines of Shakespeare's sonnets

via Twists and Turns

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Did the Channel Nine News really spell it School Chaplin?

Then again, a School Chaplin might be a thing to be.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007



(An odd search request today. I guess I should read some articles to get up to speed)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It can take a while to get back into the rhythm of blogging.

The Naked Truth: Authors Who Write in the Buff
via As Above

Meanwhile, autosomal dominent compelling helioopthalmic outburst syndrome might bring an idle sneezer googler or two to boynton.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I was inspired to write this last week after watching a spot of tennis on teev, but it's already rather passe I'd say:

Sun Men's ten
nis on seven
read the score
Fed/Gon Fed/Gon I said
put it on
nabs and tone
saw the set
end and
Gon was gone
but how good is Fed

Gon/Fed   Photo by CreativeJim

Anyway yesterday I found myself watching Women's Golf on television. For the rare meditative quality and the pleasant aesthetics, which is why I used to like watching the cricket. But as we know cricket has been ruined by the glare of dollars, the blare of ads and pundits, the loss of langour. (I liked the snippet of fictive cricket in Midsomer* on Saturday night though, which was sufficiently green and slow and inter-generational, commercial-free but murder-full)

Meanwhile currently watching some writerly golf:
Pitch 'n' Putt with Joyce 'n' Beckett

via bifurcated rivets



who knew post number 2000 would cause such pause?