Tuesday, February 27, 2007

coffee with




pk said...

Aldene Splatt.
Should've been a household name.

Tony.T said...

Aldene Splatt would've been a household name if it was the spray cleaner it should've been.

boynton said...

Ms Splatt could team with Mr. Sheen?
Wax and polish as you dust with Mrs. Aldene Sheen.

GoAwayPlease said...

The woman on the picture Right
looks like Gladys Moncrieff
(her distinctive nose)
and the centre woman is possibly Glenda Raymond who married Hector Crawford. I particularly like her grip on the saucer.

boynton said...

The Sorcerer?

Actually, Brownie, the names are listed in 'View Record For This Item", hence the splatt-chat.

(It's a shame sometimes to get the details. I enjoy the speculation.)

Our Glad

Nabakov said...

"So you'll see all eight stories from here. With four automatic lifts and an American style-laundromat in the basement. Now you wouldn't you rather looking out of it instead of at it?"

"Only 500 pounds down you say Mr Hooker? More tea?"

Francis Xavier Holden said...

aah the blog meet pics - so soon.

boynton said...

So soon and more than eight stories I'm guessing.

Genevieve said...

Just a few more. What a good night.
B, when I loaded that picture the first time, only the top half appeared! sans cups. Totally spooky.

boynton said...

in one's cups maybe? ;)

Loved your Bridge contest story, Genevieve, among many.
Great to meet you.

genevieve said...

Blimey, I had to think again what that was about - thought you meant the Harbour bridge for a minute. Senility has (briefly)lifted. I am in the Omar Sharif groove once more.