Monday, February 26, 2007

lunar logie

Special Gold Logie For Providing TV's Greatest Moment In Their Moon Telecast: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
12th Annual Logie Awards 1970

(See also GUESTS: ...Peggy Lipton, the US star of The Mod Squad, couldn’t make it at the last minute because of “a severe middle-ear infection”.)


GoAwayPlease said...

Damn good thing that moon telecast got a Logie because channel 10 cancelled their scheduled midnight movie 'Camille' with Greta Garbo, to run the damn thing.
I lived in a group household and we phoned up to complain.

Thanks for the link though; I went back to the previous Logies to get this surprise;
"For Pioneering Australia's First World Championship Boxing Telecast: Sir Reginald Ansett"

what a guy that Reg was.
Many good people came from Hamilton, Vic.

boynton said...

I was too young to appreciate the (Gold Logie) importance of the event, but witnessed its obvious impact on my elders. Maybe Lost in Space confused me.

Nabakov said...

We watched it in real time at the US embassy in Fiji. At the time I was far more impressed by the fact I was watching TV than by what was on it.

Did you know NASA keeps losing the footage and data from that utterly historical moment?

Or is it another coverup?

boynton said...

It's bizarre enough to be a cover up.
But it's banal enough not to be cover up.

That cosmos link is great btw.
I read "Buzz Aldrin's account of what it's like to walk on the moon"