Friday, December 29, 2006


The following didn't make the final cut when I posted the initial series of outstanding posts.* But I have been inspired by More Dam Posts at This Public Address, and a thoughtful collection of Posts! at dirty beloved to include them for consideration, though I'm leaning towards most metaphoric to nail it.

Most retiring post

Most dramatic Post's

Most post modern

bluest post
double entendre

Most overlooked post

Saddest/ dead tree post

Post that could make it in the mainstream

Post that generated the most traffic

Best gender equity in the construction of/best Personal Post

gratuitous chicken post

Most poetic post

Most metaphoric post

Best last post

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday, December 14, 2006


i was dying in new york city. a whole lifetime ago. now i'm into ultimate frisbee and my dogs. can take or leave the beatles. barely remember that incarnation, to be honest.
The Walsh Files: Let's tell each other where we were when Lennon was murdered.

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This is in response to RuTuLu's request for the Seven Minute Frosting recipe from the Sunbeam Mixmaster Cookbook. I have a 1962 version of the cookbook that came with my Sunbeam Vista Mixmaster my mother gave to me as a bride in 1969. Though the cookbook survived, the marriage did not, and was dissolved three years ago. I will copy it exactly from the book, and I hope this is what she wanted.
The Collector's Newsletter


Prompted by a question by Lunar Brogue* on the style of online image cataloguers, I was searching for a word for over-stating the photodata. I was thinking perhaps, you know, of Factimemoriativeness - The faculty of retaining previously attained knowledge - from my old favourite *

Or maybe Observativeness The quality or disposition to look closely and with rigid care at every object,
or even Ordinimentality The quality or endowment that inclines one to arrange and systematise thoughts, and ideas

Anyway, googling the book alerted me to: Physiognomics as she is spoke.

(Ogling the book again, I was tempted to scan some pages for images denoting Ordinimentality Large- Ambriose Parr (sic)- who first tied arteries with ligatures, and Ordinimentality Small (Ratasse, Prince of Madagascar) but am fearful of damaging the binding.)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

the beetle

Christmas Beetle...

(Inspired by Laura's post, I wandered up the road to the local lights display)

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Pic from last night's blogmeet.

Well a pic from a magazine presented to me last night by Laura - a wonderful surprise.

And was that a caption-in-search-of-its-picture contender? Apparently this is: We took Julie to tea in Mayfair...In Her Undies."

From Today week ending April 23, 1950

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Wordie Like Flickr, but without the photos

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At (74) Schadenfreude is the Most Wordied. Beats defenestration (35)

I'd better not stand too near the pangrammatic window, especially at karaoke.
I sang, and thought I sang very well; but he just looked up into my face with a very quizzical expression, and said, "How long have you been singing, Mademoiselle?"


Mary Gets Paul Out

(I almost forgot the cricket. It's lucky I just noticed a search request for do bats hiss )

Friday, December 01, 2006


H Bomb Haven
World Book Encyclopedia 1956 Annual Supplement via things

Fallout Shelter Handbook 1962 via the Presurfer


Hmmm... don't know what's going on with the recent comments. Looking at the list, the most recent are not the latest. The Latest have got stuck in a November time-warp. Hope it all settles down when December takes effect, probably sometime this afternoon.