Thursday, December 14, 2006


Prompted by a question by Lunar Brogue* on the style of online image cataloguers, I was searching for a word for over-stating the photodata. I was thinking perhaps, you know, of Factimemoriativeness - The faculty of retaining previously attained knowledge - from my old favourite *

Or maybe Observativeness The quality or disposition to look closely and with rigid care at every object,
or even Ordinimentality The quality or endowment that inclines one to arrange and systematise thoughts, and ideas

Anyway, googling the book alerted me to: Physiognomics as she is spoke.

(Ogling the book again, I was tempted to scan some pages for images denoting Ordinimentality Large- Ambriose Parr (sic)- who first tied arteries with ligatures, and Ordinimentality Small (Ratasse, Prince of Madagascar) but am fearful of damaging the binding.)


p said...

You need a reverse verbotomy, obviously.

p said...

I don't understand why I can't be peacay here. You kids and your new fangled blogger wifebeater shenanigans are sealing up the ozone layer.

b said...

Yeah, Verbotomy's great innit.

Curious about the -eacay.otomy.

Have you tried some combos (keys) with the "Other" option, eg to Vox, or somesuch?

Anyway you're so famous now in the ozone that P alone will suffice.

pk said...

I tried a P but got beige box fright.