Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yarra Moments
Like all rivers, the Yarra is more than water. It flows with love and memories and rites of passage. Sample musings from those who know and love the Yarra

I was looking for photos of the Yarra. When I lived downstream, I'd walk around the high cliffs opposite the Breweries with m'dog every day, sometimes humming the Whirling Furphies' My Brown Yarra which was released when when Doug was about two. My black dog used to jump into the river collecting bacteria in his ears, sometimes retrieving frisbees sometimes running with the wolves bears. To have buried him within that well marked territory would have been quite fitting.
There is more on the song among the stories at Yarra Moments
Over 17 years the song that began as “a nasty little poem” has become Melbourne’s unofficial anthem. “Somehow it clicks with people’s memories and hearts. Expats have been in tears when hearing it overseas because, I think, it’s a song about home, rather than just about the Yarra
(you can hear it here)

And there is a great(dane) dog tale in Horace Sierak's wonderful My Half at Rudder
As time went on, Pete grew up alongside my brother and I. He would join us for swims in the river during the summer months when it was hot. He particularly enjoyed sharing in a canoe ride whenever anybody would take him.

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Sometimes it's all in the thumbnails.

This series caught my eye as I was idly searching Picture Aust for rowing+boat.

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Inspecting Real Estate ads for errors can be quite diverting. But I'm not sure if this is a common error, or a rare example of an irony mark. In fact, as a sarcasm mark, the apostrophe-transformed-by-formatting has an excellent multi-level contemporary feel about it really.

(And why are my apostrophes turning into question marks? sounds like a cry of the times.)

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(to mark the anniversary of this blog * with help from Google Images)

Monday, October 16, 2006

field glasses

Hmmm ...smells like sp*m, but I like the recent comment on a remote post by Binoc*l*rs F*n. Because I am also a fan of field glasses. So I checked out the blog:

Binoculars are the perfect viewing companion when at a concert or sporting event.

We didnt have any friends or family who owned a good pair of binoculars so we were forced to order a decent pair before the huge concert

You might locate a pair of binoculars that are suitable for you on line by doing a general lookup

And they are fully multi-coated when they are rubber armored for better grip and protection, this helps during bad weather conditions.

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1. From the station bear left and pass through a new housing estate bearing right all the time until you reach North Lane, cross and go straight ahead into the Cauuseway...
Cycling directions for the The Country of the Magic River (Rubert Bear) ride

via Mary Tourtel - Rupert Bear
Storybook England - a literary map of English children's books.

via cartography

Thursday, October 12, 2006

hot blogs

peacay sent me to Butterfly Rocket - museum of curiosities -
a lovely local blog with many gems like this one

(and so despite having a bad cold I had to hop down to the op-shop in case anything surfaced, but the thrifting wasn't so hot yesterday as it goes.)

And yesterday I read about Eating In The Air - a history of arline meals - on The Old Foodie
From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, The Old Foodie gives you 400 words each weekday on a topic related to the day, plus a historic recipe, and sometimes a menu. And how much fun is that
Thanks to Ramage for pointing us there a while back.

And Creature of The Shade, who has moved to Sydney, writes about Perth and the unconsciously reproduced DNA of an Australian capital

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


In his doodles, though, (Eisenhower) seems a fan of the self-portrait.

On one memo with the heading "Cabinet Paper — Privileged," he covers a third of the page — including text about the executive branch's transportation responsibilities — with a massive pencil sketch of his head, with hair.

Another memo outlining the agenda for "The Legislative Leadership Conference, Monday June 28, 1954" is scribbled over with a gunboat and a rendering of himself with huge muscles, a bare chest, thick hair, and a much younger face
The History of White House Doodles-and slide show - via J walk

blog meet

Pet food labels US collection from 1920s -1960s via exclamation mark

Perhaps if aftergrog had dressed like this, all the drama of the recent blogmeet (as reported by FXH) could have been avoided.

(update: more at TBP )

Thursday, October 05, 2006

auto blog

___________ (artificial, one-word segue). Check out these ____________ (yet another adjective) links I found: ________________ (link to a dumb flash cartoon), ______________ (broken link), ________________ (link to a pornsite), and _______________ (link to the least funny cartoon evar!). They made me ___________(verb) my ____________(noun) off! But watch out for the ________________ (something horrible, or just annoying)! Until ______________(something unlikely), ______________ (regional mannerism which expresses goodbye)!
Fill-In-The-Blog via Making Light

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a blog



a noun

Give him a break. Stepping out of a space ship onto the surface of the moon, I doubt many of us could even come up with a noun and a verb.
I Did Say 'A,' Blast It!

*Description may be subject to change without prior notice.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

a point

At quarter time yesterday I took the dogs for a walk and saw a total of one person and zero canines out and about in glorious spring weather. Parrots held court in the trees as Eagles fans squawked and Swans supporters swore. I caught about 10 minutes of the entire game, as my sister, clad in the red and white, would not allow more than one-minute bursts of television, (between spells and rituals to will on the team) and we had a jetlagged Norabone just home to catch up with, who said it all felt like a dream, the football.
My sister and I hovered on the verandah desperately as the final siren was called by the enemy tribe across the street and we set about knocking off the cockatoo ridge fizz in defeat but not disagrace.
(well I had told various footyheads beforehand that we would lose a close one, so I had the half empty consolation of the pessimist's score, but then earlier when I walking alone in perfect still sunshine, football was put in perspective.)