Thursday, October 19, 2006



Inspecting Real Estate ads for errors can be quite diverting. But I'm not sure if this is a common error, or a rare example of an irony mark. In fact, as a sarcasm mark, the apostrophe-transformed-by-formatting has an excellent multi-level contemporary feel about it really.

(And why are my apostrophes turning into question marks? sounds like a cry of the times.)


Zeppo Bakunin said...

Congrats on the start of your fifth - I may not comment often, but do love your whimsy!

(And am almost ready to start a blog just so I can come to the get-togethers - after reading FX's description of the last one, I can't get the vision of you in stillettos off my mind!!!)

Link said...

does it have any slugs?

Lunar Brogue said...

As we speak, failed high-density dwellers are feverishly scanning online auction sites so as to reclaim the gardening equipment they traded in for sushi mats and cappuccino machines. The transformed apostrophe betrays their anxiety. (Perhaps.)

boynton said...

Cheers Z, and it'd be great to see Zeppo's blog.

Link, Well It?s got a garden, and a great graphic that I was tempted to post. Who knew a simple garden gif could look so immodest.

Yes, LB, it?s certainly less of a sneery query here and more of a sign of doubt, ambivalence.Perhaps.

It?s up there with Yeahno for
In it?s spoken form the rising inflection could be critical.

Tony.T said...

... Monty Python?s Flying Circus.

boynton said...

...Carry on Tony.T:it?s