Thursday, October 12, 2006

hot blogs

peacay sent me to Butterfly Rocket - museum of curiosities -
a lovely local blog with many gems like this one

(and so despite having a bad cold I had to hop down to the op-shop in case anything surfaced, but the thrifting wasn't so hot yesterday as it goes.)

And yesterday I read about Eating In The Air - a history of arline meals - on The Old Foodie
From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, The Old Foodie gives you 400 words each weekday on a topic related to the day, plus a historic recipe, and sometimes a menu. And how much fun is that
Thanks to Ramage for pointing us there a while back.

And Creature of The Shade, who has moved to Sydney, writes about Perth and the unconsciously reproduced DNA of an Australian capital


Nabakov said...

Put your tray down and dig in.

I've flown quite a bit about the globe and the peak inflight dining I ever encountered was first class on a UTA flight in the early 80s.

After getting us blotto on vintage Veuve Cliquot, the Head Steward invited all eight of us in first class into the galley to witness this special sauce/soup? he'd decided to make up using fresh ingredients he'd picked up in Papeete that afternoon.

One of the other passengers turned out to own a two star restaurant in France and got right into the idea of improvising with the limited galley fixtures and what the steward had brought aboard.

After about an hour and much laughter and clinking glasses, the two of them emerged from the galley with great tipsy dignity and served the rest of us up a magnificent meal in which the prepackaged servings were only the base.

But when we asked for seconds, it was explained with much gallic aplomb that the pilots had already put in a claim for les leftovers and did we want our gallant aviators to aviate on empty stomachs? A million pardons and would we like more champagne and some petit fours he also picked up in Tahiti earlier that day?

I often dream about this when confronted by a Virgin Blue mini-tin of pringles.

boynton said...

Tray magnifique.

(idea for reality show - a sort of aero iron chef/meal high club?)

Celia said...

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