Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sometimes it's all in the thumbnails.

This series caught my eye as I was idly searching Picture Aust for rowing+boat.


Tony.T said...

Thumbnails good for a gander.

Mark said...

A nice little story, that.

boynton said...

ander duck-dive. Not a Drake.

I googled but could find no further info. so the story stays thumbnailed.

Anonymous said...

He capsized off New Zealand while rowing across the Indian Ocean?

That does rather explain why he came to grief.

- barista

boynton said...

Ah, barista, it explains why the thumbnails lie.
Why I came to grief...

Further research (which you prompted) reveals two different journeys. The portrait is from an earlier voyage.
Still, that 'found' sequence of images can amuse, in the way that so many www images do, sans context.

Anyway, I did manage to find out some more on Anders- ironically via an entry on Google for Andres (sic)- at the excellent Ocean Rowing site.

"This is Andy's trip. When he gets there, then it is time to tell the story. He can tell it."

I think it needs a post of its own.