Tuesday, October 17, 2006


(to mark the anniversary of this blog * with help from Google Images)


tigtog said...

Happy anniversary, Boynton!

boynton said...

Ta, Tigtog!

(I have now added a link back to the old spot like a defensive footnote, where I see that the archives have disappeared from view. Odd.)

Ampersand said...

Hip hip hooray!
And many more.

Anonymous said...

Here you are.
A present of sorts, in a way.

juke moran

Gummo Trotsky said...

Happy blaaawgday to yooou,
Happy blaaawgday to yooou,
Happy blaaawgday Ms Boynnntonnn,
Happy blaaawgday to yooou!

boynton said...

Thanks amp, though I dunno about the many more. I notice that the number of annual posts are steadily declining, so think I may just fizzle away ;)

That's great Juke, merci.
The absent archives present.
I may have to put that link into sidebar, or update(lose) that historic template, or import the 365 posts over to here to regain sidebar access.

Aaaaaw, thanks, Gummo.
Yours is just around the caaaaaawner too.

pk said...

You don't sound a day over 3 and a half. Unfizzle!

boynton said...

I guess I am under 3 and a half on this site.
And I feel like refizzling when I spot the unsightly errors in my comments ...and the number of such errors IS increasing.
Blogging at it?s best.

dave said...

What pk said, unfizzle...I can do more than enough fizzling (at the moment)for all of us.

Link said...

beta late than neva
happy blogday boyn
brevity comes with age methinks,
(there was an old owl)

Nabakov said...


Long time commenter, first time lurker.

Happy 4th Boynday Birthton!

I couldn't possibly top Juke's brillant present but here's a birthday cake anyway.

boynton said...

Ta L.
(brevity is a tough old brief)

Ah that takes
the cake
that bytes,
merci Lurker.

btw - Seems you're forced to lurk around the beta blogs when you're on Safari. It's a browser issue.
(Not that I mind lurkers - though who knows, should I draft a 12 point Lurkin policy for this blog in accordance with correct blog 2.0 style?)

boynton said...

ps - thanks Dave.

Anonymous said...

And thanks to you, boynton...

Don't fizzle.. just cruuuuuze...

- barista

boynton said...

or swizzle on the cruuuuze

Genevieve said...

late to the party, but hurrah for you!!Hope you, the blog, friends and family had a good one.

boynton said...

Thanks, Genevieve.
A blog week is too long ago to recall, but I suspect I had a quiet drink of cordial or two.