Sunday, October 01, 2006

a point

At quarter time yesterday I took the dogs for a walk and saw a total of one person and zero canines out and about in glorious spring weather. Parrots held court in the trees as Eagles fans squawked and Swans supporters swore. I caught about 10 minutes of the entire game, as my sister, clad in the red and white, would not allow more than one-minute bursts of television, (between spells and rituals to will on the team) and we had a jetlagged Norabone just home to catch up with, who said it all felt like a dream, the football.
My sister and I hovered on the verandah desperately as the final siren was called by the enemy tribe across the street and we set about knocking off the cockatoo ridge fizz in defeat but not disagrace.
(well I had told various footyheads beforehand that we would lose a close one, so I had the half empty consolation of the pessimist's score, but then earlier when I walking alone in perfect still sunshine, football was put in perspective.)


Lunar Brogue said...

The Americans have
done it time and again with the Superbowl
leaving one sort of death in the streets,
another in the living room.

(From John Kinsella's poem 'Letter to Anthony Lawrence'.)

After half an hour's worth of pre-game entertainment I began to seriously lose colour but then the opening siren sounded and I (and the living room) revived.

pk said...

MissyB, your sister is a footysage or goaldiviner? Ahh well, you had your fizz.

I only saw the last about 3mins. I wonder if the Syd hands through which the ball went on its way to Syd's last goal will now admit that a hand touched it? But...maybe it didn't.

boynton said...

LB: I saw a bit of Flashdance and that was it. I used to enjoy Roy and HG's commentary of the pre-match as the only possible way to watch it. And the only time I went to the GF the crowds jeered at the oxymorons (pre match entertainers) but that was long ago and maybe times have changed.

pk: It's that combo of anxiety and superstition (and fizz) that makes you think watching/not watching/ or indulging in pedestrian divination can alter the course of history.

I barely saw 2 mins then - and haven't seen any replays so have no idea of the incident in question. Friends who barracked for Schadenfreude might know. I did hear
a Swans supporter on the radio say that a Syd player got flattened at a crucial moment in the last quarter?
However my rellies who were there conceded that the Eagles were the better team on the day, but ... we almost pinched it