Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a noun

Give him a break. Stepping out of a space ship onto the surface of the moon, I doubt many of us could even come up with a noun and a verb.
I Did Say 'A,' Blast It!

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norabone said...

Well may you say "God Save ... Queen"

Anonymous said...

Given particularly how tense he probably was.

There was a theory that he would step off the ladder into very fine, dry, Moon quicksand and disappear completely with a ghastly, raspy scream.

Think about that for a moment. The world watches, appalled, as his cries grow fainter and his breathing gets more and more desperate and his batteries run down and the cold comes in and the carbon dioxide builds..

while above him Aldrin can't possibly let go of the ladder to help him. And besides, they brought everything except a shovel and a couple of occy straps...

A bit like that conspiracy theory where many Russians were said to go into space before Gagarin but they could never get them back so they just driiiiiifted away, babbling and weeping and calling for mother..

- barista

boynton said...

Nora: Or well may you slur Happy Birthday...Queen a la Brian Wilson.

David: I used to find the Lost in Space title graphics frightening enough, with their astro-family umbilical cord periliously stretching into oblivion, to contemplate any disaster
scenario for Armstrong! Scary stuff.

btw: Collision Detection has a nice take:

"In situations where lofty words are needed, grammar ought to take a back seat to cadence."

Helena said...

"In situations where lofty words are needed, grammar ought to take a back seat to cadence." -
Oh I love that, thank you once again Ms B!

Helena said...

helena aka Brownie

back from your link to Collision Detection where his commentor johntunger proved the statement lyrically by posting 'fkinA man'.

I was watching TV that night in 1968 because Garbo as Camille was scheduled, and when the station dumped it to run the moon landing we (group household of hippies) phoned to complain.

boynton said...

that night in 1969?

I agree with you about the johntunger lyricism. Beautiful.

Nice to see you back, Brownie.
(Missed you on Friday night)