Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a blog




Lord Sedgwick said...

Has Blogger no sense of history? (well, l'histoire de celluloid)

Create a blog in 39 steps, I would have said - with deep reverence.

(But as After Grog might be persuaded to say - oops, how silly he needs NO persuasion - Blogger is Buchan the odds.)

pk said...

I fully expected the image would lead to vox (which I can tentatively say is about the easiest way to blog...not that the world needs more encouragement!)

boynton said...

Then again m'lord Aftergrog might be more a 12 steps blogger?

pk:Vox rox?
Have to say that now I've got this 3rd-party recent comments thing going (from - for anyone who's grappling with the Blogger comment-lag feed) I'm pretty happy with da new Blogger beta.

Gummo Trotsky said...

Looks like blog is a lot easier to create than world, which as we all know takes six steps and a some serious omnipotence.

pk said...

Well Vox is e.a.s.y. Whether it rox is so personal a thingy. Actually they only just started allowing html. Everything was/is done by automagic button, which is good for us inepts/lazy folk. Myspace for senior netizens.