Thursday, September 14, 2006

palm oil

Palm Oil is the greatest threat to Orangutans. Vast areas of rain forest are cleared for Palm Oil plantations every day. Protecting the forests is critical to the Orangutan's survival.

This issue affects all Australians with almost 1 million tonnes of Palm Oil imported into Australia each year.
Grasp Palm Oil Crisis

How can we make a difference?
The simplest thing is for us to demand that any of our favourite products which currently contain palm oil, only contain palm oil from non destructive sources...
If companies fail to prove that their palm oil is from non destructive sources, they must be considered to be contributing to the extinction of the orangutan
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Palm Oil Report PDF. 2.1 MB

If you missed Foreign Correspondent on Orangutans, it's repeated: 1 PM Saturday


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if www.palmoiltruthfoundation has mentioned this issue, but it may have. I came across lots of facts on palm oil there. Perhaps Malaysia isn't a contributor to this crisis.

Mil_V said...

I went through the net to research on feeding the world crisis and found out about palm.

Dont go to European NGOs. They are just bollocks to me as they destroy more forest than palm did.

Try going to or even http://www.palmoiltruthfoundation. There's also this blog at but I think this guy just copy and paste from other resources.