Monday, September 04, 2006


I've made the switch to beta. The lure of categories was too much, even though I've misplaced the most friendly feature recent comments. Tweaking days ahead.


lucy tartan said...

It's *very* beta, Miss B. I think it's a bit hard for people without Blogger accounts to post comments. Could be tweaking weeks ahead...

boynton said...

I jumped before I realised that I'd lost access to my archives and pop-up comments without configuring new/old template

No time to tweak the fonts and colours back into shape right now - so just the bare bones of old template.

And looks like Recent Commenst is possible.

As far as Commenters go - I thought that the "other" option on the Comments box would cover non-blogger/gooogle account holders, or it may be a bit of a mess?

Tony.T said...

I prefer VHS.

pk said...

So this is what the dark side looks like? It' or something. World Series Blogger - poached?

boynton said...

But Beta was better.

The is actually old, a return to the Haloscan blue days of my first blogspot blog. The gold font of the date header/sidebar is reminscent of ubersportingpundit days.
So only the 'pedallo' pic is new - although it's poached from Girls' Crystal.
And the divider gif from the template that I kept in this time instead of removing.

Haven't sorted out the recent comments puzzle yet, but perhaps the addition of labels balances out the loss. Hope it's only a short while before a good blogger hack appears somewhere.

Tony.T said...

Beta you than me, B.

Stevie D. said...

very hip blog layout -- is this related to using the beta? Nice and easy to read...

-Stevie D. (

boynton said...


Yes - related to beta, which I'm liking more and more.

Nabakov said...

Another blog springcleaning?

I like it. Still got the clean, open layout. Just showing a bit more leg now.

But when does Flo get her own guest posts?

boynton said...

I've done two months of categories and am embarrassed that dogs almost lead.
If I subdivided it into Doug/Bronte/Flo I hate to think that ef would be effin winning.

This looks even worse in Cloud formation which I just configured thanks to a great hack, but put on hold. Shows my Dog and Ephemera bias writ large.

pk said...

TimT said...

Not bitter about beta?

This is a meta-beta-comment.

boynton said...


Wonder if I should get a meta-beta label, in case I forget where I put the set?

I just restored the marvellous Cloud listing. So you can see for yourselves where my content lies.
courtesy of here

Link said...

Gawd youse getting all teknikal on me. Betta than what? VHS? but this int' telly. I'm so confused.

boynton said...

Get with the program, Link ;)

(or maybe don't - there are Known Issues)

Sorry for vagueness btw.

Link said...

There's a program?

Why am I always the last to know these things. (You don't have to answer that--I don't think anyone can).

genevieve said...

Categories are the debbil.
No, actually they are pretty nice and it's amazing Blogger didn't do them earlier. Really.
If you're still able to play with the HTML on the new Blogger, it could end up giving Typepad a bit of a kick in the bum actually. That's the one thing I get annoyed about - much harder to mess with the template in Typepad, so no point in learning CSS, or paying them money. AT ALL. I should just go get a life back, I think.

boynton said...

Yeah - they recently displayed the HTML but it's a bit tricky to decipher. I just wait for better beat minds to create the hacks.
Still waiting on Recent Comments - which according to to the Known Issues Blog might work ok once they fix their comments feed bug (in progress.
There is a good 3rd party way to do it, but just waiting on Blogger for the moment.
Hence I almost missed your most recent comment ;)
To me this is one of the most important features, and sad that Blogger didn't add it into beta.

boynton said...

err...better beta minds
or better beat minds
I don't mind
as long as they crack the code!

genevieve said...

Oh you're a poet and you know it.
Recent comments is pretty good as long as you keep some room for it. Guess I'd better go make some.