Thursday, August 24, 2006


Rather disturbing video that shows a librarian being stalked by four close-harmony vocalists.

From a collection of a cappella videos including classics and brand new clips.


Lucy Tartan said...

Yes. It is rather disturbing.

boynton said...

I was being a bit flippant, but concede that there's a certain Hitchcockian menace in the PPPPestering.

Though you see I like the music. Most people I know would react
like this
(And then what does the Closed sign mean)

Lunar Brogue said...

You stepped out of a cloud
I want to take you away, away from the crowd
And have you all to myself (woman throws glasses)
Alone and apart
Out of a dream
Safe in my heart

I have two comments: (1) Why chuck the glasses at such an uncertain moment - four men singing 'myself'? This collective / singular confusion is no time for blurred vision; and (2) All five seemed to leave in the direction of the discarded eyewear. I can only hope the inevitable crush brought everyone back to their senses.

boynton said...

No time to make a specatcle of myselves, no.

Makas me want to resaecrh Glasses as Trope in the cinema, but can't seem to get beyond Hitchcock.

Lunar Brogue said...

In Broadway Danny Rose, Woody Allen's glasses account for a good thwack of the film's comic value. Though, don't know if Glasses as Trope applies to this self-styled genre.

boynton said...

Must see that one again, LB

Meanwhile, Clark Kent and She's All Grown Up

Anonymous said...

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