Tuesday, August 01, 2006

fondue slide

Charles Phoenix Fondue Party, Los Angeles, 1968
via grow a brain

Fondue pot 1970 among its contemporaries.
(You have to go back to the 60's for the Lava Lamp which also appears in the Slide above.)

Better Homes and Gardens Fondue Cookbook


Lucy Tartan said...

Say cheese!

norabone said...

That fuzzy out of focus look is deliberate. If you were able to zoom in on Mr Man, (second from left) you'd see bulbous blisters protruding from his lower lip. Ykes - he forgot the golden rule "Never put the fork straight from the sizzling fondue pot into your mouth". No wonder he's pouting into his beer.

boynton said...


Sounds like you have fondue-isSues, Nora ;)
I thought all fondues acquire that fuzzy out of focus look?

Tony.T said...

Among the lower classes, fondue forks are called dip sticks. I hear.

boynton said...

Well a dip into google has produced these two phrases, new to me:
A few forks shy of a fondue set

A few fondue sets shy of a cocktail party.

Though perhaps the quantifier should be short.
as in "A few forks short of a fondue set?"
(Shy works for a party)

Gra Gra (King) said...

Well, fawk!

Nabakov said...

Completely OT, I have an interesting catering suggestion for the next Grogflog....

boynton said...

I have 2 fondue sets too chez nous, but am maybe a few forks short of a party, however the old Champagne Fondue recipe continues to intrigue.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » »