Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Why won't a purple magazine reflect the inherent festival?
was my favourite random sentence in the first batch.
(via twists and turns)


pk said...

Heh. That's actually embarrassingly addictive....for about 20 secs at a time.

Into the prone castle rails an opening ham.

We don't get told these things on the 7 O'clock news. Conspiracy!

boynton said...

The pathetic listener trails next to her orbital

Zeppo B said...

'The appropriate terminology wages the fat satire.'

I'm hooked! The site is more interesting than my alternative bedtime reading.

boynton said...

A murdered protocol worries across a diverse officer.

a touch of deadswab there ;)

Nabakov said...

I dunno. Nothing tops the sheer frenzy of spambots operating totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct.

I quote vertibam from my files.

"diatribes hit my pubic hair like shower cream!
Rosella illusions relevantly prenatal brownies
mocks situate somewhat sinister drool
bereft sifting attested rooftop Barnard
curry Magdalene propellers branding Floridian
cutting greedily Vishnu importers cohesively
lockups anding Catholics salivary rapturous
milking postman Fijians taker Ewing
signature Okamoto cobble Florence southpaw
springier stray starve serpents household

six of grove: small box sent made,
snail boy in poesy tore
fro word cover walls. join dirty boots alice
game say cling blows, kneel gable print down
added pool ready brave heard date.
Oven speed damp use smell grunt teeth wild;axes bat steel hats. Soap wider"

Now that's what I call a diatribe hitting my pubic hair.

Nabakov said...

And wouldn't "snail boy" (or girl) be a great online identity? Always the last to comment.

Link said...

A drama rages over the groan.

Well ain't that always the case.

Link said...

Any bread filters Luke. How will an adventure hurt in Luke? The horse lies under the heart. The horse walks! His dissimilar genetics emerges.

Random paragraphs too no less. Maybe this is where copywriters go to find their meaningless copy nowadays?

Link said...

Red Rooster has to be red because its barbequed. Naturalmont.

boynton said...

I love that second paragraph, Nabakov.
six of grove...

Snail boy and Sent Made? Gravatar-ready names I'd say.

Yeah I tried the paragraphs, Link, then went back to the sentences:
Should the stunt share the lump?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »