Thursday, August 24, 2006


Flo received her first ever unsolicited compliment the other day as we walked down the street. What a lovely dog, said a passing woman.
(I think the first inklings of spring had clouded her judgement)

She was once called a coffee-table by the vet, but this seemed to be a value-neutral observation. The vet may have been hinting that she had a classic Eames style about her, or she may have meant coffee-table in the rather huge, bulky, ugly sense of the word:
you could paint it, then cut foam for the top, cover with material and make a ottoman out of it. just a suggestion. or add wood to the bottom and you'd have some place to store baskets with tapes or toys in it. once it's covered with material you can't see what it hiding under it.


Tony.T said...

Has Flo ever been called a poof? Furniturely speaking, of course.

Woof. Poof.

boynton said...

Not so fa.

Nabakov said...

Well, a bit of velcro and gaffa tape applied between an eskie and a sturdy blue heeler barrel chest, and some beef jerky for motivation, and I reckon Flo would could be a pretty good barmaid at the East Melbourne tennis courts this spring.

boynton said...

Or perhaps a more passive canine might complete the party?