Wednesday, August 09, 2006


There were many moments when I felt I was watching The Benny Hill Show. I was dismayed by the line by the lead character, "Do you mind not farting while I'm trying to save the world" which was surplus to requirements and just lowered the tone further. There was a continual use of "farting" long after the joke had been made.
Complaint against the 2005 series of Dr Who
Complaint 3 - bad/sexual language, toliet humour

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12. Oh, Bol-
I think it is reasonable to assume that this was an implied "oh, bollocks", cut short.
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Lunar Brogue said...

Hilarious! And I actually laughed at the fart joke, which probably means I wasn't taking the complainant seriously. One question: what are the 'requirements' referred to? I'm guessing right royal windless entertainment that the whole family can enjoy without feeling embarrassed (or that anything has to be 're-explained').

Nabakov said...

This reminds me of the person who wrote to the BBC complained they'd heard one member of Monty Python had just publically come out. Didn't the BBC know homosexuality was an abomination in the eyes of the Lord?

Eric Idle wrote a polite letter back thanking the person for drawing this to their attention and that the Pythons had found out who it was and stoned him to death.

Quite coincidentially the next series of Python right after the letter featured the very gay Graham Chapman but not the very straight John Cleese. No doubt there was a satisfied correspondent out there smirking righteously at the tube.

boynton said...

LB: Perhaps meteorism would be more acceptable and seem less surplus to requirements?
Who knows...

And re the evolution of the myth, I think Nabakov says it pretty well on this recent doctor who thread at LP