Thursday, August 17, 2006

stock clearance

Some sort of vigorous stock clearance in progress in Shop, Bondi Junction

Was it to make way for the westerns?

The Man From Bar 20

I wonder what stock was corralled for Hopalong

(And if you see it in sequence, the plot thickens...)


Tony.T said...

No. It was to make room for more hessian sacks.

FXH said...

The young'un is the work experience girl and she chucked a wobbly and pulled all the books down off shelves and made a mess. Some had to be chucked out. Others could be recovered and re bound, under the boss's watchful eye.

boynton said...

Not to make room for more oliver sacks?

I'm now reading it in reverse order. His book has been found and bound. The calm of the transaction belies the scramble to locate the title.

Anonymous said...

It was taken yesterday. They have thrown out all the socialist history books, which can be identified by the fact that they have pictures in them.

- barist

wen said...

I think they might be getting ready to have the carpet laid -- what else can 'Feltex' refer to??

Lucy Tartan said...

The Feltex-emblazoned paper Miss is clutching looks very much like a book jacket, but it must be the back of a book jacket. Could it have been advertising on disposable wrappers which were pulled off every so often and renewed with new wrappers / new ads? That would seem like a lot of trouble and very big waste of paper.

boynton said...

Hissing the mystery books already.

Got the sack. Felt ex.

Actually Lucy, you seem to have explained the mystery. We're only tallkin jackets not books, and Feltex must have been advertising big on Hoppalong Cassidy titles in the late 1930's (carpet baggery?) Which makes sense as the Australian Home Cowboy is always looking to improve his floor coverings.