Friday, August 18, 2006

stuff of blogs

This passage from Link is the kind of writing that makes me still love blogs for blogs' sake after all these link+tag years:
Just a lump of metal, and I'm reminded of this strange attachment to things and how when I was five or six and I lost a hair ribbon out the car window and noticed that I felt sad, but knew that it was a trivial thing, but something of me had blown away into the slipstream, a part of me was sailing away lost forever--a ribbon, a regulation blue school hair ribbon, but it was mine, possibly had a hair or two entangled in it and therefore carried on the breeze all the genetic information anyone would ever need to make another me, although I didn't know that at the time, I just knew that it made me feel sad but suspected it was silly and so I should shut up about it, until now. stuff of life

I loved the scan of The Head Office from Laputan Logic and was pleased to see it in a riveting collection of Industrial Anatomy assembled by Bib

and Exclamation Mark has a new blog: Site for Sore Eyes (via I like)


Zeppo Bakunin said...

Thanks for the link to Bib - I hadn't been there for a while. I wish I'd seen those pics when I was in 2nd year at Uni: I still would have failed anatomy, but drawing would have filled the time more productively and at least I would have held the examiners' attention.

And I've also discovered what's wrong in my head: I need a staffing and departmental reorganisation ... but where can I find the really little consultants?

boynton said...

. ) ,

(my Reflex Actions Room is on a flex)

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind mention. My site will be mostly a review for you, though.

boynton said...

There's already been so much new, Mark. Cheers.

Brownie said...

Hi Ms B - I love Beezelbublog too.
Best wishes for your Virgo Day.

boynton said...

Thanks. Coupla weeks.
And belated wishes for yours.