Monday, August 21, 2006

hazy dazy

The Semak recipe book included a section on “Adult party drinks” such as the “Sherry joy-maker” and the “Hazy-dazy.”

The rotary clothes line-- a wonderful idea ... You can heighten them & they whirl round in the wind.

The home - virtual exhibition

(Found along a lonesome feltex google trail)


Anonymous said...

That was a good find.

- barista

Link said...

Svinging on ze Hills Hoist is verbotten,they do not cope and look really tragic when they fall over.

boynton said...

B: Yes - the History of Sport exhib. is good too.
I like the red lino in the Semak kitchen (hiding beneath all that fruit)

Well I think kids must have swung on this one last century, because I can't heighten it and it doesn't whirl even on the hazy-daziest of days. Gets enough sun to do the job though.

nabakov said...

My head's all a spin after reading those links.

But "Sherry joy-maker" hey? I think she was at uni with me. The relentlessly cheerful and comfortably built blonde who always knew at parties where the booze and lifts home could be found while also deftly fending off very drunk and horny commerce and engineering students.

boynton said...

shirley not...