Thursday, July 27, 2006


wedding announcements

via wind, sand and stars


Zoe said...

Oh, I love it! Expecially Kuntz-Dick.

boynton said...

Peters-Rising is good.

Also sounds like a peyton place kinda place.

norabone said...

Oooh er! That's very Kenneth Williams, Boynton!

FXH said...

i'm missing the Carry On movies and Are You Being Served for soemreason.

boynton said...

Despite recent blog content, I'm not really conversant in carryon.

(Well, not enough to offer a retort 'in the manner of' without a quick googlewiki)

Nora sent me a link to this site which offers sound bytes, which might tide you over FX.

Juke said...

One must consider these are in fact real and genuine names, of real and genuine people, who must have had, at least some of them, real and genuine affection for one another.
I was in Scouts with a boy named "Dick Peters" - his sufferings were not any the less for that burden, at all.
Possibly he had a son later in life, and named him "Randy".
And the - rumored - daughter of Mr. Butts, "Ophelia".
A real and genuine Governor of Texas, Gov. Hogg, was allowed to name his daughter "Ima".
A hurdle she met and surmounted with flying colors. An exemplary figure in Texas history, Ima was.

boynton said...

Yes - I hope not to sneer, but do enjoy the wordplay and the probability.
Ima Hogg? I had to check that one

Short for Imogene. Of course...