Thursday, July 13, 2006

you cities

If:Book You Cities - “a short animated riff on Joyce’s Ulysses
by Alex Itin

(The text from Finnegans Wake can be read - with Joyce - here.)

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pk said...

That's really cool. But Alex Itin perhaps should have known that it's not Ulysses (as his caption heading announces; not to mention the 'You Cities' pun).

I wonder if that FW text is the original - JJ changes and reverses a few words but I haven't got my copy with me to check.

I love JJ's voice. So musical. His horrendous sight gives the clue that his works are as much about their sound as they are about the words.

Formidable Ms.!

Dick said...

That's fabulous. Like watching jazz...

boynton said...

Alex Itin comments at the link:
I think the recording is the only, or one of very few recordings of Joyce reading - it's not an attempt to tell the story of Ulysees, but more to try and animate in a stream of consciousness style

It's great isn't it.
I watched it about half a dozen times before I sought the text just to have a look at.
But I don't think the jazz needs the lyrics.