Tuesday, July 18, 2006

telephone books

Pages badly warped, spine dented, torn paper adhering to front cover
1967 Melbourne Telephone Book

Thumbnail Photos of Australia Telephone Directories
Photos of Telephone Books via Plep

For me, one of the best features of my collection was that it was a good ice-breaker. When a conversation lagged, I could say, "I collect telephone books," and it was usually good for at least a few minutes' chat. People might go away saying "What a weirdo", but the awkward moment had been dealt with.
Collecting Telephone Books

via the links: Telephone Directory Information Pages for more Vic pics.


Kent said...

My, it's a small world. My best friend runs that last site you linked to!

boynton said...

A great site, Kent.
I loved the telephone directory extracts, and the PMG corro too.

Kent said...

Yeah, that was a boring day sitting outside the archives ;)

Anonymous said...

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