Tuesday, July 25, 2006

plot 7

Plot 7, Wheat

Potato experiments etc


Nabakov said...

The Plot 7, Wheat foto looks like it was taken immediately before an unscheduled and rather personal irrigation project.

As for the second pic, I reckon he's given every plant its own name.

"And how are we today Maisy? Yes, curling a bit more on the lower branches. I thought so. I think you might like a bit more phosphate, hmm?"

Not being snide here, just whimiscal. I love potatos, especially smashed, and I salute everyone that has worked hard to bring the best possible quality vegumes to my plate.

boynton said...

re potato
Another foto might seem to confirm your supposition.

Whereas this transaction looks pretty much etc to me. (Are they Fedoras?)

re Wheat. The widdle plot thickens, and I was just thinking along the seven basic narrative plots line myself, forgetting matters of irrigation.

Tony.T said...

How quick are those oats?

Etc must be where they farm experiments. Next door they grow free-range microscopes, and just up the road near the rickety bridge they cultivate genetically modified bunsens.

boynton said...

Fe I, Fe I, O.

Anonymous said...

There must, literally, be tens of thousands of photos like that. CSIRO alone could fill a small library. It would be one way of tracking changing fashions in male attire, as the kipper tie begins to infiltrate the potato patches.

- barista

boynton said...

fish n chips?

How dapper are scientists as a sample?

(You have to love the SLNSW collection. It never fails to deliver)

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » » »