Wednesday, April 09, 2008

holiday snap


Anonymous said...

i happen to live in the morning peni (s) hire......i didn't know they regulated hore's here though.

boynton said...

maybe it's just along Saftey Beach...

I do like Nalt as a word though. It sounds somewhere between no idea and halt

Anonymous said...

....very good!

did you know, safety beach was once known as 'shark bay'.

true.'ll need to put it into a sentence to convince me.

boynton said...

Nalt - I didn't know that.
But googling for history I found this good line:

The Dromana and Safety Beach area used to be known as Shark Bay when I was a kid although most of the sharks have now moved ashore and have set themselves up as real estate agents. source

Anonymous said...

i am way impressed with the NALT thing.....for the life of me i couldn't put anything decent together (of which i tried very hard before laying down the gauntlet)

that is a classic about the real estate true!