Monday, April 14, 2008


When are they going to release Great Bicycling Songs on abc records?

A family favourite for riding our Malvern Stars around the garden was I love to Whistle as seen (on black and white tv saturdays) in Mad About Music


Anonymous said...

in the early 1980's we rented a house in karingal that was once owned by bruce was a mansion on a hill that had a bathroom which had 3 toilets (cubicles) and three showers (a la change room style).

it had a ballroom on the third floor with parquetry (?) flooring that us kids used as a roller skating rink.

it was pretty run down when we lived there though.

fifi said...

Best done while wearing a dotty little outfit with a pack of clones behind you...

where do you GET this stuff, I wonder?? I just blew my cup of tea out of my nose.

boynton said...

Interesting, ponder.
I had to google Bruce
(And then after seeing this old ad, it seems like I should have known)
Sounds like a great/small house.

Yes I like the dots, fifi.
I don't know whether the six of us ever recreated the scene together in the back garden, but it was a definite fave.
I often do a spot of nostalgia-surfing, and just marvel at the wonders of yootoob in delivering the bytes.

Last week the whole film was up there, now gone, but at least this segment survived.

Nabakov said...

Alfred Deakin was the only Australian Prime Minister while in office to be issued a summons for riding a bicycle on a pavement.

Not many people know that.

And also, those are not bicycles. Now this is a bicycle.
Except of course for the gaping absence of a drinks tray with cup holders in the central ring.

And an built-in umbrella/sunshade too.

And a sound system.

And a dog and baby caddy.

And an esky and picnic basket rack.

And a tow bar.

And wifi.

boynton said...

Deakin? Bicycle?

I can sorta
see it.


dysthymiac said...

Dear Ponder This - did that house with the multiple showers have a RED globe in the garden light ?

Bicycle Built For Two.
The Pushbike Song.

(and I know who Bruce Small is)