Monday, June 23, 2008

barbie birds

The Birds Barbie Doll

via As Above

update: psycho We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.



Caroline said...

Crows, I have decided are not a good look. Seagulls would sell better.

Dick said...

No pecked-out eyes and they're charging $44.99!

boynton said...

Maggies would be a compromise?

Yes but the High-quality head looks scared

R.H. said...

Crows on the wall would be an appropriate ornament for today's society!


ponder this said...

how bizarre.

....i'm tryin to think of the name of that barbie 'esque' doll that caused all the uproar a few years back cos it had a stash pouch.

...was it feral cheryl????

boynton said...

Or off the wall...

Ah yes, that's right, it was Feral Cheryl

Theer was also Tourette's Syndrome Barbie which did the (effin) blogging rounds years ago.

But to keep it strictly Hitchcockian, I just found another one that I've added to the post.
Waiting for the Mrs Danvers action figure now.
Or the Cary Grant with poisoned? milk from Suspicion

R.H. said...


ha ha ha ha!

what a killer.

R.H. said...

We are a trifle offended with the suggestion that people who bought the psycho doll also bought telephoto lenses.

Peeping Toms only look, they are not violent.

League for the Preservation of Peeping Toms.