Tuesday, June 17, 2008


6. ORANGEMEN: Forget the Big Three. The most eye-catching grouping on Friday at the U.S. Open was Miguel Angel Jimenez, Shingo Katayama and Boo Weekley.

Strictly by coincidence, each player stepped to the first tee with an almost identical bright, burnt orange polo shirt.

Commenting on the colorful triumvirate, ESPN anchor Mike Tirico, a Syracuse Orangeman himself, came up with this gem: “Are they rooting for the Dutch?”

Golf week
I think I caught a glimpse of this phenomenon on TV over the weekend, but there is no trace of it anywhere online. (Well, if you search through getty images for CA: U.S. Open - Round Two * you can see the ensemble but not the ensemble.)

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Tony said...

Orange? That is gold.

Anonymous said...

i once owned an orange 'hot tuna' t-shirt.

i was so proud of it but sadly it never inspired me to root for the dutch.

boynton said...

A guild of golf gold.
Hope you saw the second link, Tony.

Not a salmon 'hot tuna' shirt?
I'm just glad that no AFL team has included orange. So far.