Monday, June 02, 2008

football stories

Via Brownie, in a comment at AGB

"The Goal Umpire’s Assistant (Leitchville)

Football Stories from Country Victoria
21 Films by Malcolm McKinnon


Ann O'Dyne said...

on the topic of Black Labrador Helpers:
The Station Hotel in Greville Street was run by a guy named Frank in 1970 and his Black Labrador used to carry the takings in the leather nightsafe pouch, up to the ANZ in Chapel Street.
This was very charming and in those gentle hippie days of Greville Street, everything was AOK until The Sun did a Human Interest story on it.


robbed blind soon after.

boynton said...

I hope they did the follow up story: Readers respond/restore Frank's faith...

Bwca said...

there were no hippies BEYOND Greville Street.

Ann O'Dyne said...

more old football -

Melbourne University Football Team, League, 1909.
Creator Humphrey, T., & Co., 264 Collins St., Melbourne.
Description Photograph of team on cream cardboard backing on which the title, names of members, and photographer's name are printed. D.P. Greenham, T.A. Ogilvie, R.M.T. Matthews, F.A. Boynton, H. Hurry, A.E. Hartkopf, J. West, A.M. Wilson, F.B. Crawford, J. Brake, D. Browning, F. Kerr, G. Elliott, N. Richards, J. Gray, A.S.M. Tymms, E.A. Kneen, A.C. Fogarty, H. Cordner (Capt.), E.R. Cordner, M.C. Gardner,

boynton said...


Sweet. ;)

Apparently, there was an entire eleven composed of cricketers with my real (unusual) surname in a town in Central Vic once , but Pic Aus has nothing. Maybe it was a family legend.