Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Quiz Night
Esquire Napkin Fiction

via Grow a Brain


Anonymous said...

round 6.
7. 'we are gathered here today....'

boynton said...

If you're talking funerals,
more here by same author

Anonymous said...

i was talking funerals when i wrote it, but later i thought that the same thing tends to be the opener at weddings.....go figure

genevieve said...

Even Paul Kelly. "we are gathered here today, to join a husband and a wife". Not one of his better tunes.

A Napkin Fiction archive. Now I've seen everything.

boynton said...

Sorry for delay in...
en vacance.

So can only pose the question about literary allusions to the wedding/funeral mix. No time to blogoogle for another week.
(Though I might take notes on a coaster or serviette)